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Here in the archipelago, real estate brokerage is in many ways very different from the rest of Finland, and a very special knowledge of the local market is required from the broker. At Maekla, we live in the archipelago ourselves and have a long experience in real estate brokerage in the area.

We know the most desirable residential areas and the most reliable renovation companies, the best times to sell island properties and the calmest sea routes to get there. We arrange boat transports to presentations and wonderful aerial photos of your property.

Estimating the right selling price in archipelago locations is often difficult. So many variables to take in count. We estimate the value of your property with professionalism and experience, always considering the current market situation. You can also get advice on possible renovations before selling your property.

We guarantee you a warm welcome and individual service with a schedule that suits you. Don’t hesitate to contact us today and together we will find the best solution for your property!
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